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Three Reasons Why You Should Stop by Shichahai

Top tourist destination in Beijing, Shichahai enjoys a long history and a high prestige in Beijing. No trip to Beijing would be complete without a stop by Shichahai! The reasons lie as follows.

Shichahai Has a Long-standing History

Shichahai has a history of hundreds of years, and boasts as the only location in Beijing which has a large body of water. It is a gathering place for a large number of traditional houses and Hutongs. Moreover, there are a few artificial canals flowing through this area, which can date back to the Yuan Dynasty. Back in the Ming and Qing dynasties Shichahai was a favorite haunt very popular with scholars and officials, therefore, there are a large number of poems and articles reserved in the area. Since 1992 the Shichahai has been well protected by the government and gradually become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Beijing.

Shichahai Is Filled with Local Charms

Shichahai has risen up as one of the most famous tourist destinations in Beijing not only for its large body of water but also for its unique neighborhood—a gathering place of typical Beijing Hutong. There are a large number of gardens, Hutongs and Sihe Courtyards as well as temples well reserved in SHichahai Area. More than this, SHichahai also houses a series of featured restaurants and bars. Shichahai offers an insight into the mixed sides of modern and ancient Beijing, with the crash of both the eastern and western cultures. And one of the best ways to explore Shichahai Area is ride a rickshaw throughout the area to do some sightseeing. And passing through countless Beijing Hutongs is a lot of fun and offers you a chance to taste the essence of Beijing. Better yet, go visit a Sihe Courtyard and mingle with the locals or enjoy a homemade meal. In Shichahai, you will always find something interesting to do. It is full of local charms, which enchant every visitor. 

Every year, there are more than 5,000,000 tourists from both home and abroad stopping by Shichahai. It has long been hailed as one of the must-visit destinations in Beijing as well as one of the most beautiful areas worth exploring in China. Shichahai Scenic Area definitely should be put on the top of your travel list in Beijing!