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Top Universities to Explore in Beijing

Beijing has a diverse culture and profound history. Aside from the landmark historic sightseeing, Beijing is also a great place to get a good glimpse of top Chinese universities.

Overview of Peking University
Peking University

Established in 1898, the Peking University enjoys a long history and a high prestige in China, hailed as birthplace of Chinese modern higher education. It focuses on spreading the traditional education of Imperial College and the Chinese modern education. Called the Peking University in 1912, it once saw the famous May 4th Movement and the New Culture Movement of China in 1919, seen as birthplace of various political ideological trends and social ideals back in the day. There are many famous sights in Peking University, including the bronze statue of Cai Yuanpei (former president of the university), the statue of Cervantes, Shide Building - the kylin (ancient Chinese auspicious animal) and the Danchi which sits next to the remains of the Old Summer Palace, Shao Garden (built by renowned painter and calligrapher of Ming Dynasty Mi Wanzhong), the lovely Weiming Lake and the Boya Tower sitting on its southeast bank, etc.

Overview of Tsinghua University
Tsinghua University

With an area of 400 hectares, Tsinghua University was established in 1911 based on the historic site of Xichun Garden, once the famous imperial garden of the Old Summer Palace of Qing Dynasty. Once called the Tsinghua Xuetang, the college used to be a preparatory school focusing on western education for students who were sent to study in the United States by the government. For centuries, Tsinghua University has been a dream place for higher education in the eyes of numerous high school students. Home to 8 colleges and 43 departments, the university boasts 37 bachelors degree programs, 107 masters degree programs and 64 doctoral programs and houses 53 research institutes and centers, including 15 national key laboratories. Tsinghua University is well known for its dedication to science and engineering leading the whole country. Near the Tsinghua University sit countless institutes of higher education and imperial gardens and ancient sites. The university also has a peaceful campus to offer filled with green trees and waters. Famous sights in the university include Gongzi Hall, Guyue Hall, Shuimu Tsinghua Building, the lotus pool, the Soviet Union style building and more.

Overall, these two universities allow you to get a good sense of Chinese higher education!