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Top Water-drifting Destination in Beijing

Beijing Bai River Grand Canyon is the only natural river rafting project in Beijing area.

Details about the Scenic Area
Water Drifting

The raft and involved in the whirlpool, sometimes quiet, can experience the ship to turn the startled, and no risk of drowning. Many visitors felt amazing: can be comparable with the Three Gorges tour. Drifting activities can be experienced by a person alone or three, five people together, can be competitive, or entertainment, is a suitable for the old and young, unique amusing recreation projects. Many tourists drift end still feel something. Wild duck lake fish and shrimp roam, play in the water. The shore willow poplar and white sand. Lot drifting about five thousand meters long, cross-strait cliff, such as daoqiaofukan, Sants Xiu, drifting dangerously straight up repeatedly, the thrills and adventure, not a door, the Three Gorges drifting fun. The bamboo raft drifting and raft can be one of music alone, can also be three five gang. To be competitive, can also be entertainment, especially suitable for young people. Here the river perennial gurgles eastward, to the summer rainy season, the whitecaps surging, spectacular.

What to Explore in Here
Water Drifting

Lot drifting about thirteen kilometers across, and cliff, such as daoqiaofukan, like the Three Gorges of the risk is very spectacular, meet the eye everywhere; and mountain Chuan Kuo, the sand pebbles rolling, Yingying, as the sea beach; sometimes an Liu Yang, grass luxuriant, fish shallow deep swimming leisurely, contented. When drifting can be competitive, entertainment, can dial the raft fast driving, let self drifting, one person alone, the whole family to share, such as the couple with a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. Beijing North Huairou Yunmeng Wonderland natural scenic areas, there is a known as the Beijing of the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon place, surging Longtan River in cross-strait precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, where Yamano Mine, hastily took a 180 degree turn, meandering to the east. The rainy season, the heat of the day, is gold season for drifting, to catch a glimpse of Long Tan Jian mountain scenery, to feel the amazing river rafting, adventure in Grand Canyon, is your ideal choice for the weekend.

Join water-drifting to add more excitement during your summer vacation in Beijing!