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Traces Past Glory of Beijing in Hutong

If you are planning a trip to Beijing, then you really should go on a Beijing Hutong tour. On this tour, not only can you get to know a little about Beijing culture but also enjoy an intoxicating journey. Nowadays, Beijing Hutong has become one of the most popular tourist destinations for visitors to Beijing.

Beijing Hutong

What to Explore in Hutong
On this Beijing Hutong tour, you will get a chance to walk into the very heart of Beijing city and listen to its silent beatings. Every Hutong seems to have loads of stories to tell. Walking among those winding Hutongs is no less than passing a labyrinth. Whenever you feel like you have found your way out, actually you just stepped into another one. Trust me this will bring you loads of fun during your Beijing Hutong tour. Nowadays, these Hutongs still serve as an important part of transport system. At the mention of Hutong, Sihe Courtyard is not to be ignored. During your Beijing Hutong tour, you can pay a visit to some of the Sihe Courtyards and talk to the local fellows and get to know a bit about their daily lives. Sihe Courtyard is filled with a rich collection of cultures and customs. Hutong and Sihe Courtyard are no less than a window to the cultures and histories of Beijing city. Also you can go on a tour to the famous Mansion of Prince Gong and get a glimpse of it during your Hutong tour around Houhai.

Other Highlights not-to-miss in Hutong
During Beijing Hutong tour, you can also pay a visit to the famous Hou Hai Bar Street and enjoy its unique flavors and vibes. Also you will come across a famous bridge, Yindian Bridge. Nowadays, some of the Hutongs are pulsing with new blood while a group of skyscrapers are erected from the ground. Furthermore, a great many snack food are also available for you. Some of them are kind of hidden among Hutongs and can be found only here. The snack food is no less than the highlight of your tour in Beijing. In addition, if you are lucky, you may come across a few cultural activities organized by local people in Hutong.

In a word, you can find a lot of fun things to do while exploring Beijing Hutong.