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Visit Symbol Museums of Beijing in Summer Holiday

Beijing, as the capital of China, owns various kinds of museums. In the summer holidays, take your kids to visit Beijing to increase their knowledge, and the varied museums would not be missed. Xicheng District is the gathering place of museums, everyone have chance to arrange the tour route for kids to enjoy the boundless knowledge in museums.
Paleozoological Museum of China Paleozoological Museum of China: know about the changes of life
This museum displays the many paleontological fossils from Cambrian period to the time of 10,000 years ago, the valuable exhibits include the Lufenggosaurus Huenei which is called the First Dragon in China, skeleton of Huanghe River Stegodon and the simulation model of skull of Pekingman. The club held in summer vacation takes students to dig the dinosaur fossil personally to experience the interest of outdoor exploration.
Beijing Planetarium Beijing Planetarium: look up at miraculous starry sky
Would you like to step to the ridges of lunar, witness the life of stellar, save the last male tyrannosaurus following the earth science team and see the biological evolution on earth with your eyes? Come to Beijing Planetarium! Beijing Planetarium has four theaters lead you to know the real starry sky, travel in universe, experience the created miracles on sense organs and enjoy the real pictures. The seats of theaters are designed to be the deck chair in order to let you look up at the sky freely.
Beijing Zoo Beijing Zoo: learn to be breeder
Everyone had visited zoo, but have you visited the breeding backstage in zoo? In summer holiday, Beijing Zoo holds the summer camp which teaches kids how to be a small breeder. Through various kinds of games and links, to increase the close feeling between kids and animals; through knowing the protective color and mimesis, to let kids to feel the miraculous places of animals; through visiting the breeding rooms, to let kids know the hard woks as breeder and observe in short distance some rare animals.
Capital Museum Capital Museum: know about the folk custom
How many hutongs in Beijing? No one knows the specific number, but it is hard to visit all of them in one week. The theme display of Hutong and Courtyard in Beijing in Capital Museum takes you to visit thousand hutongs with long history of 800 years in only one hour. The exhibits of Capital Museum focus on the cultural relics discovered in Beijing local place, show the continuous developing history of Beijing culture, through the old pictures and old things to reappear the vanished folk custom in Beijing. Taking kinds to Capital Museum in summer holiday, through the advanced reservation, you have chance to join in the excellent activities to let kids experience the wonderful Beijing culture.

Let your kids have a special summer holiday, take them to Beijing to visit the museums!