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Treasure Highlight for Beijing Summer Vacation

As a must-explore city, Beijing endow all the treasure highlights to the tourists from all over the world. With the summer holiday is coming, finding a nice place for fully enjoyment will be satisfactory. Located far distance of Beijing center, famous Yunmengshan National Forest Park will be an ideal place. Getting away from the bustle city life, enjoy the unique tranquility.

Delicate Arrangement of Yunmengshan National Forest Park
Yunmengshan Forest Park

As a treasure of Beijing suburb area, Yunmengshan Forests Park has gained much recognition in the tourists with fresh air and cool atmosphere. Located at the border of Miyun District and Huairou District, this dazzling natural area covered an area of about 2,200 hectares. Because most of the peak rising over 1,400 meters above the sea level, it gained ideal temperature and superb landscapes. As a wonderful summer resort, this spectacular area was equipped with soaring mountains, sheer precipitous cliffs, gorgeous rocks, soft waterfalls and running springs. Apart from this, the dense forests, the chirping birds and the changeable clouds add the allure to this natural park. During the summer holiday, walking inside, you would feel you were situating in the fairy land without boring and any caring. At the same time, this mountain is always veiled in mist. What the most dazzling moment will be in the sunny morning when the sun pierces through the mist and the clouds rising up into the sky slowly, magnificent and gorgeous!

Dazzling Features of Yunmengshan Forest Park
Yunmengshan Forest Park

Coming to this terrific land your vision will be impressed by a large scale trees area. Yes, this park is characterized by luxuriant forests. From the foot to the hill top, there will be large scale of vegetation covered forming unique scene. Sometimes, the soft singing sent out from the little birds will add some interests to your summer holiday. It will be more ideal to have camp here. The birches sending out dazzling white lights, straight and charming! Some pines looking like guests, some are looking like sleeping dragons, vigorous and lifelike. These graceful trees formed a charming natural picture with some wild animals running and waters flowing. In the late summer, you will be lucky lured by the fulfilled fruits here, chestnuts, wild appeals and kiwi fruits.

Yunmengshan Forests Park is a better place for the people who are very interests in the wild life and tranquil summer holiday!