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Treat Yourself with a Spa in Beijing

Nothing beats a spa treatment after traveling in the city for an entire day. You will feel relaxed and enjoy a good time at the same time with just a visit to one of many hot spring resorts Beijing has to offer. Here is one of the top spa destinations in Beijing.

Spa in Beijing

What Benefits to Expect
"Jingdong First Hot Spring" boasts well depth of 3200 meters, with the temperature 62 Celsius, and water volume of 4500-6000 cubic meters. The water temperature has reached the springs medical mineral water standard. Beijing Geological Prospecting Institute, Beijing Bureau of Geology and mineral resources and testing center have testified that: the hot spring water boasts top quality, formed in the 1.5-2 million years ago, is a deep underground water without pollution, featuring a wide variety of elements and minerals, such as silicic acid, strontium, lithium, manganese. Various radioactive material contained in the hot spring at Jingdong First Hot Spring offer medical effect on the various gastric ulcer, cardiovascular system, urinary system, sports system and nervous system diseases, with special effects, featuring the cure rate of up to 74%-93%, and very good for the health care and beauty treatment too. According to experts, the hot water bath can make the skin white and delicate, help get rid of dead skin cells, as well as effectively delay skin aging.

What Highlights to Explore
The hot spring resort offers a wide variety of spa facilities for guests. Spa center: Hot Springs tickets cost 100 yuan/person, including the following contents - indoor and outdoor bathing, various springs, sauna, bath, bath, Turkey Finland outdoor swimming, all kinds of fashion Spa (including petal bath, red wine bath, hot spring water play, ginseng bath, Aloe Bath Bath and so on more than 20 species), kiss spa fish. Hot springs VIP: independent outdoor bathing, bathing, chess, rubbing, the treatment is very complete which will let you feel the out of the ordinary of VIP treatment in the private space. The Chinese medicine health care: Traditional Chinese medicine health care offers foot treatment, medicine bath and rheumatism treatment as well as essentials treatments etc… Women slimming club: beauty, hairdressing, beauty can provide you high quality service, relax your body at the same time, you can get great pleasure with the treatments. A space capsule, slimming on various body-building apparatus, let you immerse in leisure and maintain the skin texture at the same time.

Overall, the hot spring resort is well worth a visit and makes for a perfect get away!