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Trek all the Way to Mutianyu Great Wall

Last week, together with my friend Joe, we visited the Great Wall at Mutianyu section with our guide Lin. The section of the wall is not off the beaten path but it is less crowded than Badaling, so after consulting with the trip advisor of Beijinglandscapes, we decided to head over there for a trek.

Mutianyu Great Wall

We only had half day to explore the wall and enjoy the trek on the wall, so we made an early start that day. We met at our hotel and jumped on a car with Lin and hit the road to Mutianyu. The ride was pleasant and did not take much longer than we thought. We made it to the foothill of the wall at about 8:30 and found our way to the cable car station with Lin the second we got off the car. The cable car is more like a chair lift and the ride up the wall was way more fun than we expected. On the chair, we saw the wall from above for the first time and the sight of the wall snaking all over the hill was just incredible. The surrounding countryside was covered by greenery and it was really overwhelming! The chair ride was short and soon we were landed on the wall. Had no idea the wall would be that huge and solid and so excited to stand on the wall. We were both like kids when we started to trek along the wall with Lin. We both felt dizzy walking from one side of the wall to the other, taking in the views and snapping photos. The scenery was breathtaking and completely dazzled us with its beauty.

It was a sunny day and the mountain air was quite crisp when we first got on the wall. But after an hour of trek on the wall, it got pretty warm and we soon got sweaty and puffing all the time and had to take some rest at some points on the wall. Lin filled us in plenty of history about the wall. The history made our trek on the wall more fun and enjoyable. After regaining our strength and not wanting to waste any time, we trekked and puffed the rest of the path. When it was time to get down the wall, we also grabbed a tobogon ride. The slide was fun too, running all the way down the hillside. Later we headed back to the city with Lin.

Overall, we really spent fun-filled half day exploring the wall in Beijing. Best Chinese ever!