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Unexpected Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking

Last Saturday, together with my family, we explored the wild Jinshanling Great Wall. Although in hot summer, we did enjoy cozy environment and perfect holiday, much thanks to the tour service and tour guide. Booking this tour is the suggestion of my father, because he held much interest to this Great Wall section.

We felt very sorry that we were late on the departure day. Because of the breakfast, our tour guide and driver waited for us. Tour guide was a little girl with beautiful smile and graceful behaviors. She understood our exciting and told us more about this attraction. Traffic in Beijing downtown area is very heavy. Our driver is very smart and successfully got rid of this bad condition. We just enjoyed the perfect environment, air-conditioned car, clean seats and soft music. For the far distance, it spent about three hours. Sunlight is very strong on the day. However, we felt very cozy with the fresh sceneries and clean air. After steeping on the Great Wall, traditional tastes poured our mind and body. It is truly an elegant wild attraction sending out mysterious tastes. Standing on the ruined ground, I could smell the flavor of the soil. Most of the bricks disappeared and formed the soil feeding the plants surrounded.

Jinshanlling Great Wall

Hiking journey is easy than we expected. Walking on the wall, I felt I was walking in the ancient times. Perhaps, only you came here, you could arouse this kind of feeling. My mother and father liked this wall building very much. They took pictures the whole journey holding exciting and happy feeling. When we met the watchtower, surprising feeling is full of our minds. Ruined, original appearance without roof, it showed loneliness standing on the ground. Many grasses accompanied with it guarding the local area. Just here, we got our fully relaxed. Trees here are not blossoming with sophisticated appearance. Having an overview, scenery far distance showed so green and vigorous. The shape of this Great Wall building presented narrow and winding stretching to the mountains. It is just the Jinshanling Great Wall. It is a wild Great Wall, camping here is available. Turning back appreciating the far distance we have finished, strange proud feeling rushed my mind.

I felt very happy for this tour. Highly recommend Jinshanling Great Wall tour. It is truly a wonderful record for Chinese ancient times!