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Unique Structure of Great Wall

The Nine-eye Tower is located in south of Heituo mountain, 21 kilometers northwest of Chengguan town Huairou District, in the north of Beijing. Located in Huairou county and Yanqing county at the junction of the flame mountain top. Because the 9 arrow windows are built on each side of the watchtowers, hence the name. Because of high and steep mountains, during sunny day visitors can see Beijing City, it is also known as the Wangjing Tower. The Nine-eye Tower is one of the most important structures on Great Wall, which sits 1141 meters above sea level.

Nine-eye Tower of Great Wall

The current building houses rooms and other remains, the racecourse, horse field, camp (camp city) remains. On the north side of the tower sits a stone stele left by the Ming Dynasty official Xu Shen in 13th year of Wanli reign (1585). Nearby the lush vegetation can be found all over the place, as well as wild animal like roe deer, goat, pheasant, hare, squirrels, etc.

According to "Beijing City Yanqing County gazetteer records": "the nine-eye tower was built during the Ming Jiajing reign (1543 AD) by Wang Yijian, the middle built with Red Gate. Nine-eye Tower sits on the side wall of the Sihai Xiang Shi Yao Cun, South of Flaming Mountains, very close to the Juyongguan section." This record tells us, Nine-eye Tower dates back more than 450 years ago. It also tells us, the tower had much military significance back in the day. Nine-eye Tower is two-tier architecture, with nine observation holes built on the tower. Now only one floor is left, the height is 7.8 meters, each side 13 meters, the observation hole is 1.65 meters high, 0.5 meters wide, the inner loop trail 1.2 meters wide. Nine-eye Tower is built with stone, with the upper part built with lime stone and blue bricks, strong and beautiful. Downstairs there on the west side of the small platform, Sergeant centralized site. Platform on the north side is built with the brick stairs, offering steps up along the floor of the South gate. Roof is arch structure, which can provide rooms for soldiers and weapons. North are two windows, each surrounded by a door, the door is two meters high, 1.2 meters wide, access very convenient.

Nine-eye Tower is not only the biggest watch tower on the Great Wall, but also is of great strategic significance in military defense.