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Up-close and Personal with Great Wall

This summer I got a short stay in Beijing on my business trip over there. Luckily, I got one day break to myself, so I decided to make the most of it with some sightseeing to Badaling.

Badalling Great Wall

My tour guide picked me up from the hotel and we hopped on a car and hit the road to Badaling. It was a fun ride over there and I talked a lot about Great Wall with my tour guide! We arrived at the foot of the hill after about an hour of drive. After getting the entrance tickets, took a cable car up the wall. After landing on the solid paths, safe and sound, we started hiking along. The Badaling section of the Great Wall is well restored so it was kind of easy to hike up and down the wall. It was a sunny day and after about an hour of trekking on the wall, we were both soaked up in sweat, so we had to take some rest by some watch towers from time to time. However, it was all worth it because I got a chance to see and touch the Great Wall up-close and personal! Moreover, the views I saw on the wall really took my breath away! There were times when we were hiking through some sections on the wall I kind of felt dizzy and all, but it was just the height I guess!

Badalling Great Wall

While hiking along the Great Wall, I could not help but wonder how long did it take to build this engineering feat. So I asked my tour guide and she told me some history about how the Great Wall was constructed in the first place. After the information she gave me, I started to get a new perspective towards the Great Wall. I started to realize why the Chinese people were so proud of the Great Wall and even hail it as the embodiment of the nation. It was really fun and amazing to enjoy the hiking on the wall and fresh air! I just loved every minute of it! Anyway, we had to get off the wall and I felt like that I did not see enough of the wall, but I just had to call it a day!

Overall, it was an amazing trip and I had so much fun!