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Useful Tips for an Adventurous Simatai Tour

If you have not visited Simatai Great Wall before, well, it is just your loss, because you have no idea what you have missed! While hiking to Simatai may seem fun and exciting for lots of backpackers, but it is not without some risks! Here are some useful tips I have collected from veteran hikers over the years.

Simatai Great Wall

Tip 1: For first-time hiker to Simatai, better with a guide
As Simatai Great Wall sits far away from the city proper of Beijing, so it is kind of hard to get to for first time hikers. Moreover, the Great Wall at Simatai is pretty much left to nature and not restored at all, making it one of the most dangerous sections of the Great Wall for hiking alone! Plus, if you are not familiar with the surroundings, it is highly likely that you may get lost along the way while hiking alone on the wall. Most importantly, the Great Wall is kind of off the beaten path and very wild compared with the other sections - the paths are very difficult to walk along with the crumbling bricks are scattered all over the place at some sections. Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire a local guide for your hiking. And your guide really knows his way around the surroundings, so he will take you to some less visited spots along the way. With an experienced local guide accompanying you from the beginning to the end of your hiking, it will be safer and more fun! Your hiking adventure at Simatai will be filled with lifetime blood-pumping experiences!

Tip 2: Always hope for the best and plan for the worst
While no one would want his hiking to Simatai get ruined by some accidents or the ever-changing weather, but it happens. So the best you can do is make some back-up plans, like what if you have to take a rain check for a Great Wall hiking because of the rain or something like that. If that happens, you can have nothing but your bad luck to blame, but still there is something you can do about it, like seek a lodge at a farmer inn and go for your hiking the next day. Anyway, you really should prepare yourself very well for a hiking to Simatai!

Overall, I hope you will enjoy a fun and safe excursion to Simatai!