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Useful Tips for Tiananmen Square Visiting

To be regarded as the representative of Beijing, Tiananmen Square has marked tourists with distinctive characters and the surrounded scenic spots. Coming here, tourists always hold exciting feeling but poor visiting. Now, let us have a look what you do not care?

Neglecting the Buildings Surrounded
Tiananmen Square

What kind of scenic spots are there in and around Tiananmen Square? How long time they would spent on the scenic spots? These two questions are not familiar with the tourist coming to this serious holy land. They just pass by and entered into the Forbidden City. What they have neglected is not so much. For this large square, tourists could spend about twenty minutes to half an hour for a simple visit. The elegant Monument to the People Heroes is just located in the center. Here, you could have a closer to the words on it. The great Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao is just located in the south of this monument. If you want to have a closer to appreciate this place, it will take you much time, because you need queue up first and go into this hall to pay honor. Great Hall of the People is just located in the west side of this square. Apart from these, the National Museum of China is also located nearside.

Not Get the Detail Information of Chairman Mao Memorial Hall
Tiananmen Square

For the tourists, they always want to have a look at the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. However, they did not get much information leading to fail. One important point is that it is closed in Monday and opened from Tuesday to Sunday. Tourists are allowed to enter from 8:00am to 12:00. In addition to this, every day, there will be a large numbers gathering here for appreciating. Tourists should queue for a long time. The ideal idea is that you explored here in the early morning. Doing this, you could not only appreciate the Flag-raising Ceremony but also pay respect to the Chair Mao, saving time. But before your entering, you should pay attention on your clothes and dress. Because pray is a very serious action, everyone should need wear neat, delicate clothes and take off the hat to pay respect. Vets and slippers will be more restricted.

Tiananmen Square is also a very interesting place housing many treasures. It only depends on your special attention!