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Visit Badaling Great Wall & National Forest Park

If you are planning to see the fall foliage in China then the best way is no doubt head out of the big cities and into nature. For those who want to take in the autumn color in Beijing, only an hour outside the city is the Great Wall, a fantastic place to enjoy the outdoors and adventure.

Badaling Autumn Walking
Marvelous Great Wall to Walk
In suburb area of the capital city of Beijing, there are many sections of the Great Wall, all of which stand in the mountains and overgrown on either side with lush trees. There are different sections to visit but the Badaling is the closest one and makes for a great destination to take in the fall foliage and autumn color with an outdoor hike down there. This section of the wall is arguably the most popular so there will be a large crowd out there. The best time for taking in the fall foliage and hike at Badaling section of the Great Wall is mid-October but it is okay to go there from late September through early November. The snaking wall weaving upon the overgrown mountains makes for fantastic photos and hike on the wall allows you to take in the colorful fall foliage and enjoy the fresh outdoors out there.

Badaling National Forest Park
Badaling National Forest Park
With a visit to Badaling in the fall in Beijing, the wall is not the only fun sight to explore. There is also a fantastic forest park out there, which is a great place for foliage viewing while visiting Beijing in the fall. The forest park has a rich collection of trees and other plants. You can easily spend some lovely time in the park, taking in the autumn color, bushwalking in the forest or snapping amazing photos. The forest park opens daily 8:00am - 6:30pm and sits right next to the Badaling Great Wall. The forest park makes for a perfect alternative to the Great Wall and also offers plenty opportunities to catch a glimpse of colorful fall foliage. The best time to visit the forest park is from late September through early November, the peak season for foliage viewing in Beijing.

Overall, the fall foliage viewing is a fantastic way to taste autumn Beijing!