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Visit Beijing Botanical Garden in Summer

Being intoxicated with tranquil land, appreciating the enchanting scenery together with your lovers, friends and families, imagine it will be truly a completely enjoyment. As the most famous and the popular national composite scenic spot, Beijing Botanical Garden has become a theme park for the summer holiday.

Fascinating Layout of Beijing Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden

23 kilometers far from Beijing downtown, Beijing Botanical Garden covers an area about 2,000,000 square meters. In addition to the plants and flowers exhibitions, this garden also undertook the responsibility of science education, research and tourism. Being composed by the Plant Exhibition Area, Scenic Spot, Historical Resort, Scientific Research Area and the Nature Reserve, Botanical Garden has become a must explore for the fresh Beijing visitors. Each of the exhibition area stored different characters and appearance. Any of them will entertain your summer holiday completely. Various plants and flowers are cultivated here. Especially in the summer, all the flowers will reach their utmost blossoming, greeting every one coming here. Sitting on the bench alongside, smelling the fragrance the flowers sent out, it will be truly another kind of spirit enjoyment.

Dazzling Greenhouse in Beijing Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden

Wandering in the park, the most attractive spot will be the Greenhouse. In the house, there exhibited many various rare plants. Covering an area of about 9,800 square meters, it enjoyed a high fame as the largest exhibition greenhouse in Asia. Being divided into four parts, each section will surprise your summer tour. Especially in the tropical Rain Forest, various tropical plants will pour into your vision leading to feel the truly tropical world. Inside, the arrangement was designed very mysterious. Each floor was connected with iron stages and wooden stages adding more adventurous to the exploring experience. Waters dropping from the upper will bring you a shudder.

Charming Historical Spots in Botanical Garden 
Apart from the gorgeous plants, you also could have a wander to the historical spots to know the life of the history celebrities. Liangqichao Tomb is the famous celebrity Liangqichao who gave much effort to the Chinese reform movement. Memorial Caoxueqin is also established here. His work place, masterpiece works all exhibited! Famous Wofo Temple will be seen from this garden. If you have enough time, challenge it!

Beijing Botanical Garden is very easy to get and it only depends on your attention!