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Visit Chinese Military Museum

For most of the tourists in Beijing, landmark buildings like Great Wall, Forbidden City as well as other imperial buildings are the must-enjoy places. However, in addition to these dazzling attractions, there is another place will lure your interests. Roaming in this place, you will get more about Chinese military developing condition. Things to do in Beijing is just to roam in the Military Museum.

Chinese Military Museum

Grand Layout of Military Museum
Built in the year of 1959, Chinese Military Museum was established to celebrate the foundation of People's Republic of China. It is the only military museum in China with large scale area of 93,700 square meters. Upon entry into this museum, you will be impressed by the history and culture of China army first. Solemn atmosphere and grand building will add more interests to your visit here. Measuring about 94.7 meters tall, the main building of this museum is divided into 7 floors. The design is typical with the main building equipped four-storey two wings. It is very clear to see the gild Badge of Chinese Army. What the most important is that the name for this one is give by the great Chinese leader - Chairman Mao Zedong.

Delicate Inner Arrangements
To fully feel the ancient war and various aircrafts, enter into for detail appreciation is must. The how museum is composed by 22 halls and 2 squares. There are 9 basic halls and each of them has their own function and typical feature. For the tourists who are very interested in the revolution war, the first floor will satisfy your sentiment. The Hall of the Agrarian Revolutionary War is on the left side. From this hall, you will receive deep influence about the history of revolutionary wars against feudal land system. The feeling to the past year will be stronger. If you are very keen on the weapons, the Hall of the Weapons in the center will arouse your strong interests. For most of the tourists coming here, they always come to the third floor, because in this floor, tourists could get closer to Chinese war history from the early Qin Dynasty to Qing Dynasty. The splendid Chinese military culture of more than five thousand years is well-displayed in the line of history.

Admission to this military museum is free only by your identification card or the passport. It is really a nice place to get more about Chinese military industry!