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Walk all the Way in Beijing

Last week, I enjoyed a few days exploring the Great Wall at different sections outside Beijing. It was fun and really amazing to walk on the wall each of which held its own features. It was definitely an essential Chinese experience to me! Over those days, I was taken to a couple of sections of the wall, but personally I just liked the sections off the beaten path, like the Jinshanling and Simatai sections. At those off the beaten path fragments of the wall, it was filled with blood-pumping experiences and adventure. More importantly, the walk was just as incredible as it could be!

Jinshanling Great Wall

On the first day of my trip, my tour guide met me at the hotel and we hopped on a van for Badaling and Juyongguan sections. Those two sections were well restored and it was kind of easy to walk all the way up the wall, nothing particular except for the walk and the towers. On the second day, we headed for the section at Huanghuacheng. I got to say, the section was incredible and it got everything that I was looking for on my excursion. The lovely lakes, the crumbling wall remains as well as amazing farm houses – all gave me such a great time while exploring Huanghuacheng. All I got to do over there was to relax and enjoy the amazing outdoors as well as the fresh air. It was really great to walk on the wall at my own pace, and with no one else but me and my tour guide, I felt like the whole wall was all to myself. Walk on the wall was energy-consuming, but it was totally worth it all. I was rewarded by quite a sight while hiking the Huanghuacheng section. Incredible sights were at every bend of the path. I really enjoyed myself at Huanghuacheng, of course.

However, the highlight of my excursion was definitely the walk at Jinshanling and Simatai sections. It was all about adventure and fun while exploring the crumbling sections of the wall. Being off the beaten path and all, the wall was kind of wilder and almost left to nature, making it hard to walk over, yet the views were just breathtaking and incredible. After my walk at those sections, I felt like there is truly nothing else in the world that could get me down. The walk was a test of my courage and confidence and l had learned so much about the wall as well. Overall, great days and great memories!