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Walk All the Way up the Great Wall

Last weekend, I visited a few sections of the Great Wall. I had an incredible walk on the wall and after 2 days of walk, I was really tired and yet satisfied that I had explored the wall up close and personal. I got to say I have never done so much walking in 2 days before. But what can I say? It is the Great Wall and one got to see it once in a lifetime. Here is how the whole walk went.

Juyongguan Great Wall

Honestly, I did not like it there at Badaling. It was kind of packed with crowds and very touristy, though the wall and other structures of the wall were very well restored and all. But I did enjoy walking Mutianyu and Juyongguan sections. As for Juyongguan section, it was the scenery of the snaking wall and the breathtaking countryside that really impressed me the most. My walk on the wall went very well and I also run into a few foreign travelers just like me. They asked me to help them to take a couple of group photos for them. Then we had a great conversation about the wall and other travel experiences we had to share with each other. It was really fun with someone to share the Great Wall experience. By the way, the great picture opportunities were all over the place. Everything was perfect that day, pleasant weather, sunny day yet not too hot, occasional clouds drifting above head, hardly anyone out there, so I got the wall kind of all to myself. All I had to do was just to take my time to take in everything that came my way on the wall.

Mutianyu Great Wall

The next day, I headed for Mutianyu for a walk and some sightseeing. It was also worthwhile and I loved it there too. The walk was great and I kept myself busy taking photos while walking on the wall. There were a few watch towers at Mutianyu that really grabbed my attention. I was sure I did not see something like that at other sections. The three towers kind of stood near each other and looked very impressive indeed. The views out there really took my breath away!

Overall, I really enjoyed every minute of my walking on the wall. It was just as incredible as it could be!