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Walk into Beijing Teahouses for Nightlife

When talking about Beijing nightlife, what appeared first among the tourists will be drinking, shopping and eating. Beijing is a large and commercial city housing multi-essences of life. Nowadays, under the pressure of the daily life, most of people choose to go to teahouse at night for leisure.

Laoshe Teahouse

Layout of Teahouses
China is a country with deep culture relating to tea. Chinese tea has got a high reputation in the world. Until now, there are over 170 teahouses in Beijing including traditional teahouses, modern teahouses and special teahouses. For the tourists who are very interested in the deep culture, the traditional teahouse is better choice. For the local people in Beijing, these traditional teahouses are not only the great places to taste tea but also for enjoying traditional performance - Peking Opera Show. Once entry into the teahouses, you will be influenced by a kind of traditional atmosphere deeply. Tranquil environment, delicate designing and graceful atmosphere, it is extremely fabulous to chat and communicate with intimates.

Laoshe Teahouse
Among these teahouses in Beijing, the most famous one is Laoshe Teahouse. Relating to its history, it also can be traced back to the 1988. About the name, it is named after a famous writer - Laoshe. Since establishment, it received high fame in Beijing. Decorated with and elegant and unspoiled style, it can take the customers back to the old Beijing of the 1930s. Every day, this teahouse not only offers the flavor tea but also colorful performances, Peking Opera Show, Acrobatic Show and Kunfu Performance. In addition, Tea Ceremony is also held here with delicious and sweet Beijing desserts.

Tips to Visit Laoshe Teahouse
The comprehensive performances offered by the Teahouse include Folk Music Play, Beijing Opera, Danxian, Hand Shadow Play, Folk Dance and Chinese Martial Art, etc. The Teahouse will be popular and crowded with customers every night. If you want to have a visit, you can have a reservation in advance. For the night performances, you should arrive at Laoshe Teahouse before 19:35 or the reservation will be cancelled.

Just enjoy a terrific nightlife, tranquil environment, tasting the traditional culture. Besides Laoshe Teahouse, you also can choose the modern teahouses to appreciate. Just relax you in Beijing!