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Walking into Ancient Beijing Village – Cuandixia Village

Housing truly amazing ancient buildings and modern plazas, tour Beijing could bring you unexpected happiness. What you want to do, this capital city will satisfy your desire of seeking happiness. Today, I will lead you to walk into one old village to unveil its typical appearance and life style – Cuandixia Village.

Delicate Appearance of Cuandixia Village
Cuandixia Village

After visiting this village, every tourist would send out signs about the old arrangements and ancient tastes. Located in the suburb area – Mentougou District, this village has housed a long history about 400 years old. It is just like an old man telling all the past stories happened here. Containing about 70 courtyards with about 500 rooms, this village was built during Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. Covering an area about 10,000 square meters, it is the best preserved village in China. It is a mountain village gaining the high fame as a Potala Palace in Beijing area. First entering into this village, you would arouse the feeling back to Chinese ancient times, grey bricks, ruined soil walls, etc. It is surrounded by elegant mountains, so the traffic here is not so convenient. Standing on the north gentle slope of the hills, it is built in the harmony with the terrain of the mountains. From the far distance or having a bird view, it is just like an old castle decorating the mountains. A winding and rugged lane built from many oddly-shaped stones, winds its way from east to west and divides the village into two groups.

Perfect Arrangement in Cuandixia Village
Cuandixia Village

Wandering in this village, typical tranquility and cozy will pour into your mind and body. Only lived by the Han Family, this village presented more unique and harmonious! Relating the name of this village, Cuan has the meaning of stove. All the corners and the decorations are showed perfect same as the ancient times, corns hanging outside, ancient cooking range and adobe kang, etc. If you are very interested in the life style, you could stay here for a night getting closer to feel the tastes. For the well-arrangements, some famous films often conducted here, just because of the advanced background. The farmers of Cuandixia Village keep in step with the times and they exploit the idea of folk-custom tourism to welcome tourists from all over the world.

Inspiring your Beijing tour, Cuandixia Village will hold your exciting feeling!