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Walking into Classical Garden during Beijing Summer

Getting rid of the bustle life to search one tranquil place to enjoy classic history and beautiful memory will be another enjoyment for summer holiday. Lingering in Beijing garden, apart from Beijing natural scenic spots and the imperial gardens, there is another classic pace waiting for your summer holiday - Grand View Garden.

Mysterious Layout of Grand View Garden
Grand View Garden

For the tourists who are very interested in Chinese Four Major Classic Works, they would be very familiar with the Dream of the Red Chamber. After getting this novel, you would be first impressed by the luxuriant grandeur of the scenery. With a large scale area of about 13 hectares housing over 40 scenic spots, this garden experienced skillfully designed and arranged. Inside this garden, there are various buildings, pavilions, courtyards, water areas and rockeries, delicate and fun. Your exciting holiday would start from here by the fragrant flowers, peculiar stones and delicate hills, as well as the mysterious atmosphere. Especially during summer, temperature here is not so high because of the cool environment. You may appreciate many lovely birds singing and dancing here. However, the most attractive part will be the courtyard from which tourists could find the footprints of Dream of Red Mansion.

Breathtaking Sceneries of Dream of Red Mansion
Grand View Garden

When relating the landscapes inside, tourists would thumb up for their unique arrangement. There are many unexpected plants and trees planted inside. Each courtyard reflected the character of the ancient family member ranging from magnificent to the small, elegant to simple and green to the white. Charming sceneries adding the unique affairs happening here, you would feel you have mixed into a mysterious story. Sitting on the pavilion, appreciating the charming sceneries located inside, you would find your summer holiday would be so happy and unforgettable. This time, the best enjoyment will be sharing your feeling to others. At last, this garden is not only perfection to the eyes, but also provides a feast for your appetite. The Grand View Garden Restaurant is an elegant setting for meals where you could enjoy a delicious meal in breathtaking sceneries.

For this real treasure of Chinese culture, Grand View Garden is truly deserved your attention!