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Walking into Mysterious Imperial Tomb Groups

Most of tourists during the holidays would be willing to research the mysteries of imperial families, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven, etc. Among these imperial buildings, the Ming Tombs attracted large crowds. Every year, there will be millions of tourists come to this tomb area to appreciate the profound history and palatial architecture.

Overview of Ming Tombs
Ming Tombs

Located northwest of Beijing city, Ming Tombs is built at the foot of Tianshou Mountain. There are 13 emperors of Ming Dynasty buried inside, so it is also called Thirteen Tombs. With the coverage area of 120 square kilometers, Ming Tomb group is the best preserved tomb area with most emperors buried. The arrangements, building architecture and the background all housed deep influence. Walking into this scenic area, you would find each tomb site stored its own features and independent unit. The layout and arrangement of each tomb unit are very similar. What the different is that they varied from the size and the inner structures. Someone said the scenic area is just like a history book storing too much knowledge and history. Someone said that it is just like a mystery waiting for researching and exploring.

Wandering in Sacred Road
Ming Tombs

For the tourists coming here, the Scared Road has become a must-visit place for them. In the traditional meaning, the Sacred Road stored a deep meaning that a road leading to heaven. In the ancient times, the emperors are regarded as the son of the heaven. So, when they came from Heaven, they would pass through this road. Certainly, after they died, they would return to Heaven through this road. Most attractive is that this road is lined with stone status. These statues are important decorations of the whole tomb area. What you appreciated will be 12 human figures and 24 animals including lion, camel, elephant and dragons, etc. Each of them represented different features and characters. They were established like this to protect the imperial emperors. Walking along this road, what impress you will be unique solemn and deep memory. Sets of tomb sections will carve different memories and appearance to your holiday. Ranging from different shapes and unique architectures, each of them would give you a shock!

Yes, Ming Tombs is truly a wonder deserved your reading and visiting.