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Walking into Time-honored Dashilan Street

For most of the tourists, they always miss this treasure commercial street of Beijing - Dashilan. It is a mysterious street selling the most famous old Beijing commodities. Now, let us walk into it!

Beijing Dashilan

Profound History of Dashilan
In Beijing, Dashilan gains high fame as the most ancient, famous and distinctive commercial street in Beijing Hutong. For the best location surrounded by landmarks of Beijing, Dashilan receives thousands of tourists from home and abroad. For the history of Dashilan, it could be traced back to Yuan Dynasty. During the long time, it was burned down twice. Although it has been destroyed too much, most of the architectures were preserved.

Time-honored Brands in Dashilan
There is always widespread saying among the folk that if you want to appreciate the sideshow, go to the Tianqiao; if you want to enjoy shopping, go to Dashilan. For wearing the hats, Majuyuan is the ideal choice; to buy shoes, go to Neiliansheng; purchasing the silk fabric, go to Ruifuxiang. These shops have been popular in the ancient times. For the hat shop, Majuyuan also experienced a long history. For the wealth people, they always choose wear the hat of Majuyuan to show off their dignity. For the shoes shop, Neiliansheng will be the perfect choice. In China, this shop has the meaning of promote. So, it attracted loads of businessmen to swim into. Now, this shop has enlarged housing various shoes in different age steps. Ruifuxiang is a silk store. Tourists who are very interested in the silk materials, this shop will be the must-enjoy place. In China, the name of shop also has special meaning. Rui and Fu and Xiang referred to good luck.

Tips in Dashilan
If you come to Dashilan for sightseeing, please notice that the motor vehicles and bicycles are not allowed stop here. You could take the bus and walk some minutes. Another point is that there was no public toilet in Dashilan. If you want to relieve, there are free toilets provided at the west end and outside the Xiaoqijia Hutong nearby.

In addition to the time-honored shops in Dashilan, it is also the center of entertainment. If you are interested in this area, enjoy typical Beijing holiday here!