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Wall-crammed Days in Beijing

Last month my wife and I went to see the Great Wall in Beijing. Both of us decided not to do the trip to the wall the easy way like most tourists would, so we decided to combine with restored sections with wild walls. In the end our 4 days were crammed with walls at different sections under the recommendation of Leo, a nice tour guide.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Our first two days were spent visiting restored sections including Juyonguan and Mutianyu Great Wall. As it was well into summer, the weather was great and the air was crispy on the mountains. At Mutianyu we walked up till we reached the cable car station to grab a lift ride up the wall. At the top the path was well paved with solid stone and looking far into the distance, the wall went as far as the eye can see till it disappeared into the horizon. After an hour of hiking, we sat down at a watchtower to get some rest. Both of us were amazed and impressed by the scale of the wall. It was incredible to walk through those watch towers, where there were holes for shooting arrows and room to house just a couple of soldiers. At the end of our hiking, it was kind of hard to tell how far we walked up and down on the wall, all we could remember was only a few towers were visible.

Rest of days we headed further to the wild walls. At those sections, there were plenty of steep ravine and rock face, so we kind of struggled up the wall by climbing with extra care. The views were breathtaking only ruined by the thick layer of fog that still shrouded the surroundings. We then proceeded to walk along the crumbling wall and were amazed by the height and the length of the wall. On the wall we hardly run into anyone who enjoyed the walk as we did. We all got sweaty after hours of walking and climbing on the crumbling paths overgrown with bush and shrub. Later when it was time to get down, we went back and got a glimpse of the sunset on the wall. The sight was incredibly beautiful!

Overall, we had fun and adventure-filled days in Beijing. Best trip ever!