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Leisure Wandering along Beijing Hutong

After the boring daily life and tired business, most of the tourists coming out to search the unique tranquility and free leisure, wandering Beijing Hutong will be the most qualified section to undertake this high fame. As the most representative of Beijing history and old culture, Beijing Hutong could not only lead you to get closer to Beijing original cultural connotation but also get close to the local warm, harmony and sincere atmosphere. Relieving your boring and tiredness started from here.

Getting Hutong History
Beijing Hutong

If you want to say the top thing to do in Beijing, getting close to the Hutong history will be more than interesting thing. It is always said that the real culture of Beijing is the culture of the Hutong and Courtyards. In the ancient times, Hutong means water well in the Mongolian words. In the Yuan Dynasty the Hutong measuring about nine meters wide and meant to a lane or small street. During that period, Mongolian people paid much attention on the water. So, every community in the city, there will be designed a well for providing the daily water for the people living nearby. After that, Hutong started to represent the small lanes. So, Beijing is a city composed by hundreds of courtyards around the Forbidden City. In the Qing Dynasty, the numbers of Hutongs reached the highest. However, with the passage of time and the requirement for city construction, the number of them has fallen.

Touching the Modern Local Harmonious Atmosphere
Beijing Hutong

For the fresh tourists, Hutong will always impress them with the home-style atmosphere and sincere local residence. The Lanes have their own layout and structures. From the air looking, their layouts resembled various sizes. Because of the close combination layout it is very convenient for the neighbors to keep in touch with. Wandering in the twisted lanes, you could feel the life of old Beijing people. Bathroom and public toilets could be found in these lanes. There also stored many small shops selling all kinds of food satisfying the local daily needs. Gossiping in Hutong is a common scene that it is the main way for the people to strengthen their relationship. Taking rickshaw will be more exciting and terrific!

Beijing Hutong is a mysterious history book. Whatever you want, you would always taste here!