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Watch Tower of Great Wall

The Watch Tower of Great Wall is also known as Dilou in Chinese, built higher on the wall. According to studies in Tangshan Province of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall, we found that the enemy has solid and hollow towers. In Qian'an, Qianxi, Zunhua, there are 662 watch towers, with only 3 solid towers, the rest are hollow towers. Base on prefabricated strip stones, the wall is surrounded by rectangular bricks staggered on top, the towers from base have obvious contracture, and the wall is in the shape of a trapezoid on the narrow ridges. On the top of the wall is added with crenels, together with the observation hole. The three solid towers are preserved more complete.

Watch Tower on Great Wall

In the territory of Tangshan, among 559 hollow towers, more complete preservation is only about 20%. Hollow towers is built on the Great Wall, surrounded by windows where the soldiers can live inside, offering storage of the weapons, ammunition to fight the invading enemy. Hollow towers are an important symbol of the gradual strengthening of defense system of the Great Wall. The founder of hollow tower is Ming Dynasty's Qi Jiguang, composed of three parts. The lower base is a large stone, level with the same high walls, the middle part is hollow part, some with brick arched openings, interconnected with rooms, some with wooden pillars and wood plates, outer featuring thick walls, forming a layer or two layers of large space for soldiers, storage, forage and weapons.

The upper top of the majority of the watchtower is reserved for the soldiers to shelter from the wind and rain, but also some space is turned into a platform for smoke, fire alarm, without a watchtower. On top of the hole in the tower, soldiers use the rope ladder, and some set aside in brick wall for a person to pass the brick or stone steps. The central hollow part of arrow windows and doors are open, the number varies with the enemy general size. Each layer of the open arrows windows, around the two arrow window a large enemy units, each equipped with four or five arrows windows. The nearby towers of Great Wall, according to arrow window number, are called as "Three-hole Tower", "four-hole Tower", "five-hole tower". The Great Wall's towers are also independent from the wall - we call the piers of the wall. In the west of Xifengkou, the pier structure of hollow tower is basically the same.