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Water and Great Wall

It is no secret at all that the Great Wall was built upon lofty hills along the northern stretch of China. So it is kind of hard for some to believe that water has something to do with the Great Wall, like the flood and river. However, according to a study related to the Great Wall, there are many sections of the Great Wall which have to cross some lowlands.

Shuiguan Great Wall

Although the Great Wall was equipped with a series of facilities and structures to prevent the water from eroding the wall, it is inevitable to keep the wall away. Aside from the rain water, the maintenance of the Great Wall has much to do with the water. It is said that many sections of the wall which have been penetrated by water. One way of dealing with this issue is to build some towers to distribute the water out of the wall. There is a section of the Great Wall called Liujiakou located in Hebei territory, which has a huge central archway built on the wall to help pass the water. To keep the Great Wall in good condition and keep the enemies away, the Great Wall builders went out of their way to deal with the water erosion which posed a big threat to the defense of the Great Wall.

In addition, there is another structure built on the wall to prevent the water from eroding the wall. It is called Shuiguan. Such structure can still be found at Juyongguan section. The Shuiguan played a key role in keeping the water from penetrating the wall. By the way, the other complex water gates are also equipped with facilities to enhance the protection of the wall. The most famous feature of them is the multiple openings found at the bottom of the wall at some sections. Today, many of the openings have been well restored and repaired to its original glory. Some remains which are well preserved can still be found at some sections of the Great Wall. Moreover, there are still some other facilities used to facilitate the prevention of the Great Wall. there are some pointed buttresses found by the wall, which are believed to be used to break the ice flow and connect the bed of the river. In this way, the Great Wall would be free of the water erosion and flood. Overall, the Great Wall is related to the water.