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Water-drifting in Beijing during Summer

With hot summer around the corner, there are a whole lot to explore in Beijing, you can easily find some fun and exciting stuff to do. Here is one of the most popular summertime recreations in Beijing during summertime – water-drifting.

Brief Information about Water-drifting
Water Drifting

Drifting on the water has long been a favorite outdoor activity in China ever since the ancient times. Drifting on water was a primitive wading way to fishing or escaping from danger for the primitive people. Bamboo raft drifting is believed to originate from the Eskimo kayaks, and in China, at that time it is to meet the survival needs of people. Drifting on water became quite popular as an outdoor exercise after World War II, some people who like outdoor activities use the retired inflatable boat as a tool for drifting, gradually evolved into the world renowned water rafting. Here in Beijing, aside the amazing sightseeing, you can also have a chance to experience the exciting and blood-pumping water-drifting!

Highly Recommended Destination
Water Drifting

Baihe natural scenic area is located in Huairou District, 95 km away from Beijing City, surrounded by the mountains and rivers, rivers, unique rocks, as a whole, with Tang River rafting, off-road driving, natural rock climbing and other fun activities. With green vegetation coverage rate above 75%, lush trees, fresh air, pure water, a pleasant climate, large temperature difference between day and night, the environmental quality here is one of a kind in the Beijing area. Baihe Canyon is always a favorite among Beijing outdoor lovers, the reason is that both sides of the river is picturesque, original without repair roads, making it the most primitive getaway from Beijing. With respect to the downstream of the Longtan scenic spot, the original ecological Canyon and drifting is more favored by tour pal. Baihe Canyon extends from Fort river reservoir to the territory of the old Yanqing county northeast across Huairou, River Grand Canyon to the Miyun reservoir. The scenic spots still does not have a bus pass, deserted dozens of years, the natural scenery is well preserved, very unique.

To sum it up, you just cannot afford to miss out on a visit to the Baihe Scenic Area while traveling to Beijing in summertime! It will be once-in-a-lifetime experience for you!