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Weapons Used to Defend the Great Wall

In Chinese history, the weapons used to defend the Great Wall varied greatly throughout the different dynasties. It is mainly divided into cold weapon and powder weapon. Prior to Ming Dynasty, the weapons used on the Great Wall were all about long-range spikes, arrows, archery and the like. When the enemies attacked the Great Wall, the spikes were used to hold back the enemies close and the arrows and archery were used to attack the enemies afar.

Weapons used to Defend Great Wall

In Ming Dynasty, the weapon was improved greatly, and the most recognizable sign is the use of the powder weapon, including Huochong, and Gangpao, which were widely used on the Great Wall while holding back the Mongolian attackers. Chong refers to a kind of pipe-like gun which can be dated back to Song Dynasty and was used to attack with bullet. During Yuan Dynasty, this kind of weapon was improved greatly and built in large scale. In Ming dynasty, all kinds of canyons were called the general. There is a story related to this tradition. At the beginning of Ming dynasty, there was a man called Jiaofang who sent a pipe-shaped weapon to Ming emperor Zhu Yuanzhang. The emperor promised him if the weapon did work, then he would be rewarded handsomely and the weapon would be named after him as well. And as it turned out, the weapon was very helpful in the battles, so the emperor held the end of the bargain and named the weapon the general.

The canyons in Ming Dynasty were all loaded before battles. They were named differently, according to the sizes and shapes of them. There were many canyons imported from Dutch. During the late period of Ming dynasty, the small fiber canyon made its debut which was invented by Portuguese. According to the records written by Qijiguang, there were a wide variety of powder weapons back in the day during Ming dynasty. The weapons were used to deal with different kinds of army, some used to attack the rivalry, some infantry. In Qinhuangdao, there is a different stone canyon found. This kind of weapon was highly praised by Qijiguang and he commented that the weapon is not only cheap but also very powerful. The stone canyon played a key role in defending the Great Wall in history. The weapons used on the Great Wall bear testament to the evolution of Chinese weaponry.