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3 Days Well Organized Beijing Tour

My trip in Beijing began with our booking service online has been confirmed by one of local travel agency in China. 3 days travel in Beijing had become the surely thing to do when I arrived the capital few months ago. With this 3 day tour, my family and I, in total of 6 people of us, we did visit several historical relics around the city and also outside downtown for explore Great Wall and Ming Tombs which located in the suburb near Beijing.

All activities that we did were all the highlights of the trip. The whole trip itinerary was interesting and ideal. The tour covers every places that we want to visit when come to Beijing, some must visit places in the city. But for me, I loved the day three itinerary. It was not boring, even it was interesting. On the day 3, the tour covered a visit to Panda House, Lama Temple and ride the rickshaw or pedicab ride explore the Hutong Beijing.

Apart from visit lots of historical places including Forbidden City or Temple of Heaven, a short visit to Panda House was very interesting. Finally I could see some adorable fluffy giant pandas in Beijing zoo. Although time visit the zoo was not so long but we appreciated our time, took lots of photos.

Adorable Panda in Panda House, Beijing Zoo

Because it is a private tour then we also could have longer time to explore more. Should not need waiting for another visitor if we were in group tour. Then besides Lama Temple, an ancient classical Chinese Buddhist Temple in Beijing, on the day three we did also could admire old Beijing lane in Hutong by taking rickshaw. Interesting memories and it was my first time to ride such kind of pedicab. Hutong filled with lots of authentic culture and lifestyle of local Beijing as well as its old architecture of buildings. There I could admire Beijing old architecture as well as saw many local Beijing people who still lived around the area. We did passing through some old buildings including Drum Tower, Bell Tower, and other which have long history, an evidence of historical story in Beijing.

Old Lane of Beijing, Hutong

I got everything interesting about China, saw China ancient palace, beautiful imperial garden, sacred sacrificial altars and the most important hike on Great Wall! Great experience that I will not forget!