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Were Women Involved in the Great Wall

The defense and construction of the Great Wall seem like work of men, since not many records of women involved in the Great Wall were left. However, women did play a part in the history of the Great Wall.

Great Wall

Back in ancient China, the women were treated inferior to men as of social status and domestic affairs. It is widely assumed that women existed just to serve the men back in the day. And of all 157 emperors in imperial China, only one woman ascended to her throne. Since 1949, the status of women has seen tremendous improvement. Anyway, it is safe to say that the women did play an important role in the history of the Great Wall. For example, back in the day when the Great Wall was built, women were always there for the men who were deployed to build the Great Wall. Women had supported their husbands, brothers or fathers in every way possible. Moreover, it was the military family who built and manned the Great Wall. Back then women played a role of delivering food, supplies, farming, animal husbandry as well as children rearing. So the men were rest assured while building the Great Wall or defending it. Just to assume that how the men could remain calm and rest assured if their family suffered. It would be unimaginable if the women did not accompany the men while building and manning the Great Wall.

By the way, there are many legends and stories revolving around women in terms of the Great Wall. The most popular is about Hua Mulan who dressed like a man to fight the Mongolian enemies for her father. Also, there is a legend about Meng Jiangnv who touched hearts of millions of people with her story - she lost her husband to the construction of the Great Wall. The last but not the least is about the story of Wang Zhaojun. She is believed to have played a key role in keeping the peace and harmony between the Chinese dynasty and Mongolian tribes. Nowadays, there are so many relics or remains left near the Great Wall, showing that women were related to the wall in many ways. There is a watch tower on the Great Wall named as Xifulou - the tower of wife - which also showed how important women were in the history of the Great Wall.