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What Exactly Great Wall Reveals

Hailed as one of the most splendid engineering feat in the world, the Great Wall of China means more than its name tells. There is more to it than meets the eye. Usually, the name of the Great Wall has created much misunderstanding between western and Chinese people. There is plenty more sides about the Great Wall which have not been revealed.

Great Wall of China

To better explain what exactly what the Great Wall stands for, it is best to describe what it does not stand for. Generally, at the mention of the Great Wall, some may mistake it as one Great Wall, but in fact, the Great Wall consists of many different sections spanning across the northern area of China. As it goes without saying, the Great Wall was not built in a single dynasty and built at different areas, so it is next to impossible to connect the wall as a whole. There are a wide variety of sections of the Great Wall snaking across the northern area of China. Moreover, the Great Wall is not all about a pile of bricks and stone, the Great Wall refers to a well advanced defensive system. There are lots of defensive structures built alongside with the wall, like the watch towers, beacon towers and many other kinds of additions. To this day, there are a large number of components of the wall lost along the way, but there are many parts of the structure well preserved on the wall, showing the Great Wall is more than just a pile of bricks and stone.

By the way, the complicated system of the Great Wall is filled with trenches, towers of various shapes and sizes, gates, fortresses and barracks. They are well kept to this day, in quantity, scale, architectural diversity. Sometimes the Great Wall is connected at some sections by the border, other times, the wall is divided apart from each other. Although, the Great Wall is called the Great Wall of Genghis Khan, however, the wall was built mainly at inner land of northern China. There are also some sections of the wall existing in other countries, like in Russia and Korea. Overall, the Great Wall of China runs along the vast northern area of China, overlooking Yellow River and into the edge of the sea. The Chinese people are so proud of the Great Wall, so in the hearts of the Chinese, the Great Wall is called Wan Li Chang Cheng, meaning ten-thousand miles Great Wall.