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What to Buy for Beijing Craftworks

It is always saying that if you came to Beijing without enjoying and purchasing the Beijing craftworks, it is equal that you have not come to Beijing. As the cultural city housing profound history, Beijing housed loads of treasures. Among these treasures, Beijing craftworks received high fame in the tourists.
Jade: In Chinese, jade was read into Yu. It is considered to be the king of the precious stones by Chinese for more than 5, 00 years. In some degree, it was thought to be the auspicious thing standing for goodliness, heavenliness and preciousness.
Cloisonne: In China, it is called Jingtailan. It got famous and popular in the people for charming appearance and delicate working. With profound history and deep culture, it expressed perfect combination of copper and porcelain.
Artificial Flower: it is called Juanhua. Since the traditional times, it is regarded as the handicraft. It is used as the hair decoration in the earlier time. With the economy developing, there are over 2,000 kinds of artificial flowers appeared.