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What to See in Summer Palace

Standing on the Longevity Hill of Summer Palace, I found the Yuquan Hill is close to us. Living in Beijing so many years, I was familiar with the most famous Three Hills and Five Gardens, and the Longevity Hill and Yuquan Hill. I must say, the Summer Palace is a good place, only here I had chance to see the two hill among the three. There is a quiet path to down to the foot of Longevity Hill, along the path we were enjoyable in the beautiful surroundings.

Long Corridor in Summer Palace

When we saw the Long Corridor, we were shocked by the quiet environment. It is said the Long Corridor is always crowded with visitors. Maybe it was earlier. The Long Corridor, also famous for the Painting Walkway, is the longest gallery corridor in the world. Looking up, there are different stories painting on the top, most of them are famous for Chinese, such as the 'A Dream in Red Mansion', 'Pilgrimage to the West', etc. I would say the Long Corridor is one of the most famous and characteristic spots in Summer Palace, as well as the Tower of the Buddhist Incense.

Tower of the Buddhist Incense

End the Long Corridor, it is the Tower of the Buddhist Incense, is the symbol of this imperial garden and the highest building in it. How interesting, it is an eight-façade tower, built imitated from the Six Harmony Tower in Hangzhou, is the center of the whole garden. It is said the Empress Dowager Cixi always pay respect to Buddha. Now, it is an ideal place to overlook beautiful Kunming Lake and the marvelous scenes.

Seventeen Arch Bridge

Not far away from the Tower of the Buddhist Incense, it is the Seventeen Arch Bridge which is the longest bridge in Summer Palace, is 150 meters in length and 8 meters in width. The bridge was built imitated from the Lugou Bridge in Beijing, and the special characteristic of the bridge is the stone lion on every pillar. Every pillar has several lions in different shapes, and the lions of whole bridge are different, and cannot be able to count its number. Anyone interests it all can come here to try to count it, it is very interesting! And the bridge connects to the South Lake Island where is place praying for rain in the arid year for Empress Dowager Cixi.

Yes, the three spots are the most famous and typical in Summer Palace, but always crowded with visitors, and we all like to find a quiet and beautiful place, so we along the bank of Kunming Lake to West Causeway.