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Where to Appreciate Red Leaves in Beijing (2)

Continue to introduce you many less crowded and beautiful spots in autumn of Beijing.

Mangshan National Forest Park
Red Leaves in Mangshan National Forest Park

If you want to see red leaves and taste fish at same time, Mangshan National Forest Park is ideal choice. Mangshan Mountain has a hillside in 300mu, is covered by red leaves in autumn, is called as Red Leaves Hillside with pretty. Planted various trees in colorful leaves, Mangshan National Forest Park is very beautiful than my imagination. Once arrived at autumn, Mangshan Mountain is popular for tourist fans. Picking and potherbs are the bright point in autumn of Mangshan Mountain. Sharing the beautiful painting with your friends and family, you will be addicted into its charming views.

Miaofengshan Scenic Spot
Red Leaves in Miaofengshan Scenic Spot

With the change of season, various plants evolve with each other. Red leaves of Miaofengshan Mountain are red like fire and cloud, with golden yellow and green, seems like the colorful painting and world out of world. If you are lucky, you can enjoy the grand cloud sea. Various trees turn into red in scenic spots. Under the sunshine, the colorful leaves constitute the golden autumn of Miaofengshan Mountain.

Badachu Park
Red Leaves in Badachu Park

It is so flourishing that you can smell the burn incense. Even if not for red leaves, you can come here to enjoy the atmosphere of temple. After the Frost’s Descent, the red leaves are most beautiful and fit for enjoying. The characteristic of warm in winter and cool in summer makes the leaves in different locations turn red in different times. Until beginning of November, it is best time to enjoy red leaves in Badachu Park.

Peking University
Autumn View in Peking University

Two huge old trees in west door of Peking University have become the symbol of autumn scenery in Peking University. Various branches stretch to four sides and golden leaves distributed all over the crown. In fact, there are 4 gingko trees in front of west door. The front two trees are always attractive, so the back two are unnoticed. In north of library, you can also see some old gingko trees. If you walk deep, you will find a small gingko forest, it is quiet because of less people. Walking in such beautiful campus, you must feel happiness.

Even it is late to see most beautiful red leaves, you can remember these places for next year. They would be still pretty in next year.