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Why to Buy Silk Products in Beijing

Silk is regarded as one of the treasures of handcrafts in China. Are you interested in the silk material clothes? Today, I would like to introduce you a wonderful place – Beijing Silk Street.

Glorious Silk Street
Silk Street

As a prosperous shopping market in Beijing, the famous Silk Street is located in the Choyang District. Being started in the year of 1980, it has housed over 1,000 retailers until now. Recent years, it has gained much recognition in the tourists with high quality and considerable service. As it becomes more famous and popularity, it has been regarded as the representative of Beijing, same as Beijing Great Wall, Summer Palace and the Roast Duck. What the most exciting is that there ever many famous foreign celebrities came here for enjoying, shopping and having their clothes tailor-made. Now, the Silk Street was rebuilt into a shopping mall enlarging the business, adding traditional Chinese handicrafts, antiques, calligraphy and so on. It is said to be a heaven of art. Also, it was rented as a fashionable world!

Floor Treasures in Silk Street
Silk Street

Different treasures have been arranged in different floors. Whatever you like, this street will satisfy your desire. There are totally eight stories equipped in this plaza. Each floor conducted different function. If you are very interested in the Peking Duck and the delicious restaurants, the 6F will be an ideal choice. On the fifth floor, various jewelries will attract your vision with dazzling colors. However, these precious treasures are not the theme goods here. The silk will stand the first. On the third floor, there have been established a silk museum. In this museum, there are about 18 retailers offering high quality silk over many years. Some time-honored Chinese brands just like the Ruifuxiang and Neiliansheng, etc. 

Bargaining in Silk Street
If you are very interested in the shopping in the ultimate Chinese style, you should pay attention on the first floor and the second floor. On these two floors you could bargain freely. You need not to worry about the bargaining, do not be shy. It has become a part of daily life in China. It is an ideal choice to have some shops for appreciating. It will be better to plan where you should have bargain.

Beijing Silk Street is a wonder for the tourists who like the Chinese style shopping!