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Where to Stay in Beijing

Wangfujing area
For those tourists who come to Beijing for the first time, they do not know about where to stay in Beijing. Most of people would like to look for the best place to stay in for sightseeing, shopping or nightlife with convenient transportation. Now, I will introduce you three areas.

Wangfujing Area: As one of the best place to stay for tourists in Beijing, Wangfujing area is certainly located and it is with walking distance to some of the landmark buildings in Beijing. It is an ideal area to come and stay in Beijing with sightseeing and shopping.

Houhai or Nanluoguxiang Area: Houhai and Nanluoguxiang are nearby places. Staying in the area, tourists would have a chance to see Beijing past, Beijing present appearances. With convenient transportation, this area is full of hotels, traditional courtyards and bars, restaurants and shops, etc.

Qianmen Area: It is also one of the greatest places to stay in Beijing. Regarded as a historical center with slow pace of life, it shows peaceful living atmosphere.