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Why Beijing Hutong is a Must-see Spot for Tourists

In addition to appreciate the imperial buildings and Great Wall, one attraction attracts tourists for longtime visiting is Hutong. Nowadays, almost every tourist for Beijing tour will pay special visit to Beijing Hutong. Why?

Beijing Hutong

Enjoy Special History
It is said that it is the hardest thing to enter into old Beijing culture except visiting Beijing Hutong. According to the history book, Beijing Hutong is even older than Beijing city. So, one big reason that tourist must visit Hutong is just to enjoy special history.

The real culture of Beijing is the culture of Hutong and courtyard. Just wandering along this narrow lane, tourists not only can smell the profound Beijing history but also old Beijing culture clearly. Earlier in the Yuan Dynasty, Hutong was formed playing very important role in the people's daily life. So, to read Beijing culture and history better, Hutong is an ideal place. The best way enjoying the delicate buildings is to take the rickshaw. Leisurely wandering along each Hutong, reading their background history, their interesting names, you will find they are not just the buildings but the treasure of history experiences. What gathered in them are too much. Just listing the Hutong names, they can give you deep knowledge.

Enjoy Local Lifestyle
After carefully tasting the history and culture, it is better to walk into them to enjoy the local lifestyle and inner arrangements. Hutong varied from sizes and appearances but they have one common feature: inner Sihe Courtyard. Tourists visiting Hutong all like to walk into the courtyards for deep sightseeing. Surrounded by houses, the yard is spacious to be covered by flowers and daily usages. Just according to the host's interests, the yard is always designed very warm and home-feeling. Sometimes, you may see local residences doing housework, washing clothes and cooking, etc. This time, it is clearer to taste the local lifestyle. Walking along these small lanes, you will find the bathrooms and public toilets. In addition, there are shops selling all kinds of goods that satisfy the local people's daily needs. Yes, it is just like a community. Gossiping in these lanes is the common scene as it is the only thing to strengthen their relationship.

After reading this passage, you may understand why the tourists pay much attention on the old Hutongs. Yes, Beijing Hutong is truly unique building!