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Why Beijing Suburb Tour Becomes More and More Popular

Modern days, after exploring the top Beijing highlights, more and more tourists do not stop their tourism foot but transfer to Beijing suburb area for their spiritual enjoyment. No matter which age group you are situated in, suburb area could be accommodated. Why?

Beijing Suburb Tour

Unexpected Charming Sceneries
Far away from Beijing city center, Beijing suburb area is endowed to the wild features and fresh appearance. Elegant mountains and large scale water areas all established here decorating Beijing suburb areas. Just like the Longqing Gorge housing natural landscapes, interesting activities, it is rented as ideal place for summer tour. In addition, during the winter holiday, you could come here to enjoy the colorful Ice Lantern Festival. On the festival, you will be impressed by various ice-carved lanterns, lively and lifelike. For the old tourists, to cultivate sentiment and mood, go fishing in the Purple Bamboo Garden will be perfect. Appreciating charming sceneries, doing whatever you want, enjoy a fully relaxed. For the families, Beijing suburb area is also a terrific place. Famous Stone Flower Cave and the Ten Ferries could offer the most interesting activities to the children.

Getting Rid of the Bustle City Life
If you say the suburb area is treasure land for relaxing, the big reason is that it housed tranquil environment getting rid of the noisy and bustle city life. Most important is Beijing suburb areas offer fresh air and charming sceneries. Staying in the tranquil land, tourists do not need to worry about the daily affairs and borings, because the freshness could purity your mind. For the young tourists, you could get rid of the busy work for tranquil enjoyment. The old tourists could purity mind.

Taste of the Local Lifestyle and Culture
The last important reason exploring Beijing suburb area will be taste of the local life style and culture. After exploring the charming sceneries, you could walk into the local village for feeling their life style and culture. Sitting in the courtyard, tasting a cup of tea and having a terrific communication with them, it is typical sweet and cozy. There are many local villages established the accommodation. You could choose one family for overnight-staying. Enjoying the farm house life, eating the local dishes, it will be another spirit of enjoyment.

If you want to have a fully spirit relaxed, if you want to get typical tranquil life, if you want to have a typical holiday in Beijing, Beijing suburb area is waiting for you.