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Why Beijing Zoo is a Must-visit Place for Kids

No matter for regular Beijing tourists or fresh travelers, all the families will take their children to Beijing Zoo for a fabulous appreciation. As the largest animal home area, Beijing Zoo has greeted loads of tourists from home and abroad. Why it is a must-visit place for the kids?

Large Animal Collection
Panda in Beijing Zoo

Located in the Xicheng District, Beijing Zoo contains a diverse collection of animals, a number of exhibition halls and some sites of historical interest. Taking children here, they could get closer to the animals understanding their life habitats to get known better understanding the real nature. As a large scale home to about 450 different species, Beijing Zoo housed about a large population of 5,000 animals. Some are the rare animals and some endangered animals. Divided into several sections and halls, each of them arouses loads of tourists. Besides, the harming environment here is also amazing decorated with animals' figures, lovely and harmoniously. Even the garbage boxes are all decorated with various patterns. All the arrangements made this zoo into a large scale paradise land. Under the willow trees, choosing a nice bench for sightseeing will be another enjoyment.

National Treasure - Pandas
Among all the animals in the zoo, the most popular is the panda. To be regarded as the national treasure animal, Pandas are always the popular animals to be enjoyed. With adorable behaviors and lovely appearance, they always attract the children's attention. The bamboo is the favorite food of the pandas. They always hold the bamboo and play with others, or climb up the trees. Carefully appreciated, you will find they also are like the babies without boring just eating and entertaining. Under the considerate protection and cultivation, they are growing up day after day!

Colorful Beijing Aquarium
Beijing Aquarium

If you have come to Beijing Zoo, it will be upset without visiting Beijing Aquarium. As the ocean world collecting various ocean animals, children could get a closer distance to the real ocean world. Apart from this, there is wonderful animal performance for entertaining. Dolphins and sea-lions are all showing their perfect actions to entertain the children!

Housing so many wonderful sections and lovely animals, take your children here for leisure!