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Why Better Visit Hutong by Bike or Rickshaw

Going out to relax has become a common enjoyment in the modern society, especially under the strong pressure. No matter when and where to relax, the car will be the main tools. However, in Beijing hutong tours, the bike and rickshaw have become the most popular tools, why?

Hutong Rickshaw

Common advanced Feature
No matter the bike or the rickshaw, they have one point in common is that they have the function of environment protection. Today, we lived together. Creating a harmonious family, the environment conducted a very important role. As the metropolis city, Beijing has many delicate spot to hunt by the small tools. On one aspect, they could have flexible feature to control and stop. Especially when meeting the bad traffic, tourists could pass through without any time delaying. It does not need any worry and care. Just finding a small corner, the tools could be arranged wonderfully.

By Bike
Beijing visiting by bike, you could not only witness the faster developing appearance within close distance but also appreciated the fresh sceneries fully enjoy the typical features. There are many ideal places for enjoying by bike, Beijing Hutong, Beijing Modern area and Beijing suburb area, etc. Just drive around wherever you want, relieving your inner heart, it will be extremely fantastic enjoyment. Driving by bike, you could start your journey from Beijing downtown area to suburb area, passing through Beijing landmark buildings to the suburb breathtaking pictures. You are just the leader, everything followed you. Mixed into the bike, your body will be flexible with this tour model.

By Rickshaw
For the pained golden and red color, it will be the common feature of Beijing Rickshaws. For the rickshaw, it history could be expressed long and short. In ancient Chinese history, rickshaw has become the most popular transportation tool. For the modern days, this kind of tools appeared frequently will be in Beijing Hutong area. It is said that if you visit the Beijing Hutong, Rickshaw will be the important part. Leisurely sited in the rickshaw, enjoying the ancient feeling it brought to appreciate the old Beijing culture in Beijing Hutong. Getting closer to the old Beijing people, lifestyle and culture, you could arouse the mixing feeling. Your visit to Beijing will be deserved! Besides, the rickshaws are often appeared in some communication centers.

No matter by bike or by the rickshaw, it will be the best choice for closer getting Beijing!