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Why Choose 798 Art District for Modern Tasting

Beijing is regarded as the representative of Chinese profound history and deep traditional culture. Housing loads of traditional palaces and buildings, it is become a land where the modern tourists searching the fast tastes. However, among tourists, 798 Art District has become a must-enjoy place in the tourists for modern visiting. Why?

798 Art District

Dazzling Layout of 798 Art District
Located in the northeast corner of this city, 798 Art District covered an area of about 0.6 square kilometers. It is very famous in the tourists with the modern designing idea and the terrific art works. Featured by the fashionable tastes, it has become the exhibition center of Chinese culture and art and also the world-famous cultural and creative industries centralized area. In fact, its original appearance is a factory. However, after experiencing many years changing and restoration, it is designed as the modern appearance full of vigorous atmosphere and typical features. With the western style and convenient traffic, it also housed loads of vacant places and many other decorations. For the youth, it is a paradise land for widening vision and extending idea.

Vigorous Modern Function
Modern days, it has attracted a great deal of attention from media of all over the world. At the same time, it has been regarded as the new regional mark of Beijing city distributing galleries, designing studios, art exhibition spaces and fashionable shops. Until now, wandering here, you could appreciate over 400 cultural organizations from other countries settle down in this area. Apart from these dazzling spots, it also becomes an important international art exhibitions and art activities as well as fashionable shows. In order to make it more typical and expend its influence, this art zone always holds the famous art festivals. On the festivals all the arts and artists could have a harmonious communication creating a more vigorous art world.

Interesting Places in 798 Art District
If you say the dazzling art is the main reason you come here for appreciating modern tastes, then the interesting places will another season. Wandering here, you could appreciate various photos which are hard to see in other places. After getting tired, you could choose the terrific VINCENT CAFÉ for enjoying a cup of coffee to search the exotic tastes of French.

All in all, only appreciating 798 Art District, you have the right to witness the modern Beijing!