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Why Drop by Hanshiqiao Wetland while Visiting Beijing

For most of visitors to Beijing, it is all about culture, art and history. But there are some off the beaten path destinations in Beijing which have been overlooked by travelers. Hanshiqiao Wetland Nature Reserve is one of them. Here are some reasons for you to pay a visit here:

Reason 1: One-of-a-kind Bird Watching
Hanshiqiao Wetland Nature Reserve

Located in the southeast of Beijing City, Shunyi Hanshiqiao Wetland Nature Reserve covers a total area of 1900 hectares, the core area of about 3000 acres, the only large reed marsh wetland in Beijing plain area. Within the reserve, there are 153 species of birds, including the first grade state protection animal - 2 kinds, second grade state protection animal - 17 kinds, 292 kinds of wild plants, serving as migratory bird habitat and transfer station for many rare and endangered birds. Every year from March to May and September to November are the bird migration seasons, a large number of birds perch in the Hanshiqiao wetland for foraging. At this period of time visitors could see some rare birds such as gulls, whooper swan, Tringa ochropus etc. Visitors can also get on the island for bird-watching, where the birds are flying and enjoying the comfortable return to nature. To take the roadside rest and recreation at leisure while taking in colorful water lily and lotus or enjoy the beautiful scenery by the lake, is a good choice for weekend planners.

Reason 2: Incredible and Fun Activities
Hanshiqiao Wetland Nature Reserve

Hanshiqiao Wetland offers beautiful environment, pleasant scenery as a famous resort. The scenic area houses Ludangyuan Restaurant and Suangzihu Restaurant, offering 2 on-water bamboo house, 14 rooms and a hall, can accommodate 200 people dining at the same time, providing visitors an essential dining experience on the wetland. The scenic spot also has more than ten kinds of entertainment projects on offer, including: large-scale sightseeing cruise, battery boats, pedal boats, water bicycles, bicycle, car battery, fun camping tents, live CS, suitable for the young, elderly and children of different ages. The bicycle is very unique, and favored by the vast numbers of tourists. You can also go fishing in the scenic area, scenic area also offers fishing tackle rental. Visitors can cruise, to fully take in the beauty of the wetland. Tent camping project is located in the terminal on the eastern side, the geographical position is superior, you can take in the beauty of nature, breathe the fresh air in the country at the same time, forget the noisy city, just enjoy the nature!

Overall, it will be fun to spend an entire day in the wetland.