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Why Enjoy an Outdoor Barbecue in Beijing

With the hot summer around the corner, wondering what the locals would do to beat the crowds or just get away from it all and find some fun stuff to do in Beijing? One of the most popular ways to spend a weekend for the locals, especially the young travel lovers would be to enjoy an outdoor barbecue with friends. Here are the top two destinations outside the city of Beijing perfect for barbecue and sightseeing!

The Northern Guilin in Beijing – Shidu Scenic Area
Shidu Scenic Area

Shidu is located in the upper reaches of the Fangshan District near Juma River, 100 kilometers away from the urban area, hailed by people as the northern Guilin. There are many places suitable for a barbecue in Shidu Scenic Area, to find a flat spot on the river can be a whole easier than you think. There are mountains and water around, and here is relatively quiet, visitors are less, so often lots of city friends drive more than two hours to get here for a barbecue. By the way you can also enjoy other fun stuff here: in addition to sightseeing and barbecue, Juma River offers many thrilling amusement participation programs, such as the grand canyon rafting, bungee jumping, bamboo raft, ride, flying trapeze. However, it is highly recommended to pick the programs according to your physical condition especially the thrilling rides and the like.

Off the Beaten Path to Baihe Scenic Area
Baihe Scenic Area

Beijing has so many valleys and mountains, but Baihe is the most pleasant landscape, wild enough, with original ecology, so it is a good choice for many outdoor enthusiasts on foot, and even some directors bring their staff to take some scenery or landscape scene here, instead of having to go south of the Yangtze river. But to tell you the truth, this location is one of the best places Beijing has to offer for the barbecue experience, with clear streams, dense shade, a large flat surface all over the place. It is also next to the farmers so it can also be rented such as barbecue stoves and charcoal and the like, you could even call ahead to get the food ready, go with a group of friends to enjoy barbecue or picnic is as amazing as it could be out here!

What are you waiting for? Come join us for an essential Chinese barbecue experience!