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Why Great Wall Was Erected

As the world wonder in China with long history, besides the magnificent view of the Great Wall, there are many other stories behind the grand building. Here is how the Great Wall was erected in the first place.

During Spring and Autumn and the Warring States period, the Kings decided to build a defensive system in order to defend the invasion of other countries. The construction of Beacon Tower with the walls joined together form the earliest the Great Wall. Afterwards the successive kings almost reinforced the revision of the Great Wall. It was up to tens of thousands of years, so it is also called "the Great Wall". According to records, the emperors, in order to build the Great Wall, deployed nearly a million workers, accounting for 1/20 of the total population. There were no machinery, all labor and all completed by manpower, work environment and high mountains and lofty hills, cliff, very difficult. The Great Wall was built in the spring and Autumn Warring period, with more than 2000 years history, today the Great Wall refers to the Great Wall built in the Ming dynasty.

China Great Wall

At all times and in all countries, where people went to the Great Wall are all amazed its splendor, the grand scale, hard work and historical significance. It embodies the wisdom of the ancients, will, perseverance and endurance. Therefore, the Great Wall is a rare treasure, but also the extraordinary artistic heritage, which is the symbol of the Chinese nation be secure against assault and forever in the world great will and power, is the pride of the Chinese nation, but also the pride of the whole world. The Ming Dynasty in the "outside" beyond the Great Wall, also has the construction of the "inside" and "in three passes" the Great Wall the Great Wall. "Inside" the Great Wall in the Northern Qi Dynasty had built based on Inner Mongolia and Shanxi, at the junction of west east Pianguan, the Yanmenguan, flat all turned into Hebei, and then to the northeast, Fangshan, Changping, the source of the county, to pass, and then from north to East, to Huairou four seas off "outside", and is connected to the Great Wall, closes as the center, generally in a north-south direction. "The Great Wall was built in many places and "inside" the Great Wall parallel, where some two cities are separated by only dozens of years. Anyway, the construction of the Great Wall is a world wonder!