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Why Head to Xiaotangshan for Hot Spring

Aside from the fascinating historic sites Beijing has to offer, visitors to Beijing can also enjoy an ultimate bath after an entire day of walking around the city. Here is one of the top destinations in Beijing for an essential bath - Xiaotangshan Hot Spring.

Beijing Xiaotangshan

Reason 1: Profound History of Xiaotangshan Hot Spring
In the Liao Dynasty there was a village built here called Xiaotangshan and Xiaotangshan hot springs was famous for medical bath. Famous for its hot springs, in the Ming Dynasty it had turned into a royal garden. In the 54th year of Kangxi reign of Qing Dynasty, Tangquan Palace was built, and Lotus Pond at the fountain for the emperor to bath. During Qianlong reign, the original palace was expanded to the north to build a beautiful garden. The palace is filled with temples and pavilions, all very magnificent. The garden offers picturesque scenery. The North cliff engraved with "Jiu Hua Xi Xiu" four words, written by Qianlong Emperor. The Empress Dowager Ci Xi bath ruins are still well preserved. After the foundation of Republic of China, Xiaotangshan was opened as Tangshan Park, which was once destroyed during the Anti Japanese war. After the foundation of new China, the Xiaotangshan sanatorium was built here. Chairman Mao Zedong, Premier Zhou Enlai and other and state leaders had repeatedly come to visit.

Reason 2: Rich Hot Spring Resources
According to the analysis of geological exploration and geological structure in the Xiaotangshan area, it is extremely rich in geothermal resources. With Xiaotangshan as the center, the hot water is all over the area with a radius of 30km. The water depth in each region ranges from 150 to 1400 meters with the shallowest is less than 100 meters. Because of different water area and depth, the water temperature is also different, mostly in 40-50 ℃ and in the center of Xiaotangshan area up to 55 - 64 ℃. Because the hot spring water contains a variety of mineral elements and a small amount of radioactive gases, the hot spring has very high medical value. Xiaotangshan rehabilitation hospital clinical treatments have special curative effect to the skin disease, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases, as well as for sports injury. According to the influence of Beijing geothermal water on human health research group study, residences in Xiaotangshan have higher content of globulin, serum calcium, P-selectin than those people in other places. Visible hot water also has the function of physical fitness, skin care and more.

Overall, Xiaotangshan is an excellent choice for a hot bath experience while visiting Beijing!