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Why Hunt Treasure in Beijing Antique City

Hailed as one of the most prestigious shopping spaces in Beijing, the Antique City makes for an ideal destination for treasure hunt. To hunt treasure or do some shopping in the Antique City is fun and an essential Chinese experience!

Beijing Antique City

Overview of the Antique City
Beijing Antique City is currently the highest grade exchange center of Chinese antique works of art, and the core enterprise of Beijing cultural and creative industry park. Founded in 1995, with the total construction area of 26200 square meters, Beijing Antique City rental area is nearly 10380 square meters, more than 600 cultural relics and antiques dealers doing business here. The Antique City offers miscellaneous antiques such as classical furniture, antique clocks, old carpet, antique ceramics, celebrity calligraphy and painting, jade carving and other major categories of thousands of varieties. It is the leader in white jade, crystal ornaments, Shoushan stone carvings, snuff bottles, old carpet, bronze statues, old clocks and watches, ancient pottery and porcelain, Tibetan cultural relics, folk embroidery clothing and other ten major commodities. It has a strong influence in the international art market, as the important window to show Chinese traditional culture. Beijing Antique City boasts quality service, standardized management, law-abiding business, integrity-based management, for four consecutive years it has won the civilized market in Beijing, enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.

Feature of the Renovated Antique City
Beijing Antique City was listed as part of the commercial street makeover plans of Beijing. Using new technology and new material to make Beijing Antique City into a cultural landscape with the project designed by the Tongji University in Shanghai. The makeover combines elements of classical China and modern fashion decoration style, the overall architectural style features an open box, meaning the trove-house of China antique art. The whole building is filled with Chinese styles, like Chinese printing, pane, screens and other Chinese classical cultural elements. The glass curtain decorative form is not only rich in oriental cultural background but also reflects the modern architectural technology, with solemn atmosphere. The whole building adopts LED night lighting, very dazzling at night, making it a bright symbol of region. At the same time, the three-dimensional garage can accommodate 120 parking spaces, with the intelligent parking guidance system introduced to solve the shortage of parking spaces to alleviate traffic congestion of the surrounding road. The design of the building is also in accordance with international standards to improve no-obstacle and bilingual signs.

Overall, the Antique City is well worth a visit while traveling in Beijing!