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Why Launch Your Travel around China from Beijing

Beijing is the capital of China which is the most populated country in the world. So Beijing makes for a perfect place to launch your travel in China! A visit to Beijing will be an unforgettable experience and fun. And you will never have a dull moment in there.

Beijing Travel

Reason 1: Well developed transport in and out Beijing
Nowadays most international flights will get you to Beijing conveniently. Upon arrival, you need pass through immigration first and if you only stay for a short time then you would not need a visa in your passport. At the airport or other places like your hotel, you can easily find an ATM to get cash for your travel in Beijing. You can also take the train to get to Beijing, however after a long flight, taking a taxi directly to your hotel is much easier. Find the official taxi stand at the ground level of the airport in this way you will avoid ending up with some taxi scams. Some unregulated taxis drivers may ask you a steeper price than you should pay. Useful tip: Many taxi drivers may not speak English. So it is highly recommended to get the name of your hotel or address written in Chinese characters by someone who knows how to speak English.

Reason 2: Rich Tourism Resources in Beijing
Beijing is not only a great place to launch your travel in China, but also an exciting city to explore. There is plenty of fun stuff to explore in Beijing. You can spend a day or two strolling around the largest concrete square in the world - Tiananmen Square. After sightseeing and people watching on the square, you will get more used to the unique vibe in Beijing. Tiananmen Square is regarded as an icon of China, and home to the Forbidden City, numerous museums, and the Chairman Mao Mausoleum. Most of iconic sights in Beijing are within walking distance from the square. Moreover, no trip to China would be complete without a visit to a section of the Great Wall. The Badaling section of the wall is the easiest to get to from city proper, however, it is packed with crowds most of the time. It is highly recommended to head to the Simatai or Jinshanling sections of the Great wall instead. Tip: You can opt to go with a tour and book the tour in advance will save you a lot of time.

Overall, Beijing makes for a great place to embark on your travel in China!