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Why List Forbidden City as First Destination for Beijing Tour

In the mind of every tourist, with mysterious imperial atmosphere, grand building and rich history, Forbidden City has naturally become a must-enjoy destination for Beijing Tour. Why arousing such an effect?

Incomparable History of Beijing Forbidden City
Forbidden City

As a profound historical city, Beijing housed loads of imperial places and gardens, small and large, elegant and delicate. However, the most representative imperial palace will be the Forbidden City. Built in the early of Ming Dynasty, Forbidden City was a large scale imperial palace for twenty-four emperors passing two dynasties. It building history reached about 14 years spending much labors and numerous painstaking of the ancient workers. Its name has expressed its typical essence and feature – Purple Forbidden City. It is said that the palace for the emperor on the earth is forbidden to enter without special permission of the emperors. It was regarded as the most holy place in the ancient times. Until now, it was still regarded as the historical luxurious buildings sending out ancient tastes!

Incomparable Construction in Forbidden City
Forbidden City

Entering into this royal building, what appeared in your eyes will be a series of palaces with certain colors and luxurious decorations, as well as delicate designs. It got such a high fame not only because it stored incomparable history but also the incomparable constructions built inside. Until now, the architectures have influenced Chinese building field. Having an overview, it presented axially symmetrical layout. All the palaces and sceneries are all built according to the Book of Changes. Wood will be the main frames of all the buildings. Ancient people are very smart designing all the windows with flexible appearance for different needs. The colors painted also expressed another meaning. They were designed not only for single decorating but also protecting the wooden structure.

Dazzling Surroundings of Forbidden City
Located in the center of Beijing, Forbidden City was surrounded by dazzling scenic spot. However, the most famous will be the largest square – Tiananmen Square. Many Chinese country celebrations area always held here. There are many memorial buildings located on, such as Great Hall of the People, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and Monument to the People Heroes.

Forbidden City is a wonder decorating China. It will be a valuable treasure decorating your Beijing holiday!