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Why List Peking Roast Duck as Stomach Enjoyment

Besides the world treasures, during Beijing tour, Beijing Roast Duck has become a must-enjoy cuisine. With profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Beijing Roast Duck has been rented as the representative of Beijing.

Glorious History of Beijing Roast Duck

It is said that if you came to Beijing without tasting the Beijing Roast Duck, it is equal that you have not came to Beijing. To be same as Beijing Great Wall and Beijing Hutong, Beijing Roast Duck is has created a heavy influence in the tourists. As a famous and delicious food with profound history, Beijing Roast Duck is an excellent choice if you want to capture more about Chinese traditional cuisine, culture and customs. Earlier in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, this kind of food has appeared. Originally roasted in a traditional way until Qing Dynasty, it was added into the menu of imperial cuisine and received high praise. In order to entertain the imperial families, the chef did their best to search new methods to cook best. Gradually, cooking process was divided into two species.

Leisurely Enjoy Beijing Roast Duck

Different cooking result leads to different eating. After the duck was prepared, it will show a shining date-red color and unique in flavor. Apart from the traditional cooking, many restaurants offered all duck banquet. Some are juiced and some are offal. It will truly give you satisfaction and enjoyment when enjoying. Apart from these, there are many points you should pay attention while enjoying Roast Duck. Some people would ask what the best season to enjoy Beijing Roast Duck is. Then Spring, Autumn and Winter will be ideal choices. The hot roast duck will be brought to the dining table by the chef and he would put various ingredients to each piece ensure the flavor. How to enjoy is also an important point. First, you should take one of the small and thin pancakes. Adding the onion and some pieces of duck meat, finally roll up and take a bit. This time, you would surprise by the wonderful taste! With most famous high fame and profound history, Quanjude Roast Duck Store will be the best choice to enjoy! With considerable service and professional chef, it will fully entertain your holiday!

Coming to Beijing, do not miss Roast Duck!